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The concept of home is shaped by things with meaning and love

About me

Hi to everyone.
My name is Anna!

Hello, my name is mani! If you are bloggers, travelers, photographers, illustrators, food lovers or simply you have something important to tell - you are in most beautiful place

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Coming from two
different cultures has
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our design process

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Tortang talong (Filipino eggplant omelette)

Tortang talong, aka tortured eggplant, aka eggplant omelette, is one of the first Filipino dishes I learned how to make. It would start my fondness for eggplant and further solidify my love for the simple and perfect food that is the egg. Together, alongside the smokiness that comes from charing the eggplant skin, marries the two ingredients in a rather delicious affair. Served with rice,…

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The Good Times Are Over!

NOT! Welcome to 2016. My prediction? We are just getting started! Humanity is at a point in time on its technology innovation curve when stunning breakthroughs are possible and probable. Indeed, they seem to be reported almost daily. Humanity, courtesy of SpaceX, just returned a rocket from space for reuse after delivering the 2nd stage to orbit. That event was…

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What I Learned From One Month Of Not Eating Raw Chicken

This sound familiar? You wake up feeling exhausted, with barely any memory of how last night ended. Your wallet is fifty bucks lighter, your house is a mess, and maybe a stranger’s passed out on your couch. You manage to clean up (barely), you trudge to work, and you try to ignore that little voice in the back of your…

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